Belzer MPS™ UW Machine Perfusion Solution, sold in 1-L bags

Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution

CE Marked

No Refrigerated Storage or Filtering Needed.
Belzer UW® solution can be stored between 2°-25°C (36°-77°F).

For cold storage and flushing of kidney, liver and pancreas organs during removal, transportation and transplantation.

Also available in 0.5- and 2-L sizes.



Belzer MPS™ UW Machine Perfusion Solution

CE Marked

This sterile, isotonic non-pyrogenic solution is intended for the in vitro flushing and temporary continuous machine perfusion preservation of explanted kidneys. It can be used in all machines intended for that purpose.


There are multiple suppliers and distributors of the organ preservation solutions developed by Drs. Belzer and Southard at the University of Wisconsin. All patents on the formulations used in Belzer UW® Solutions (cold storage and machine perfusion) expired in 2006. Bridge to Life has an exclusive trademark license from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) for the trademark Belzer UW®.

In fact, WARF holds an equity position in Bridge to Life Ltd., a WARF startup company. We proudly honor the name of Dr. Belzer and the institution that developed the UW organ preservation solution, which is still the “gold standard” in organ preservation.

Bridge to Life (Europe) Ltd was founded in April 2012 to provide service to European customers. To ensure fast and flexible delivery of orders throughout Europe, Bridge to Life (Europe) holds stock at logistic centres close to both London and Amsterdam.

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